The city of Mysore has been the home of various cultural activities for decades which flourished under the patronage of the rulers of erstwhile Mysore. Eminent personalities of exceptional caliber worked in Mysore and brought laurels for the state.

Currently he operates in the city of Mysore with his dedicated team of professionals many of whom he has tutored in the art.

The Story

One such noted artist was L Srikanta. Mr L Srikanta began working with wood in-lay work at the age of 8 years under the guidance of Mir Shoukath Ali who was a national award winner for in-lay works. He later founded M/s Arun Fine Arts in the year 1968 undertaking various forms of in-lay work with specializing in Jesus Wall Panels, Elephant designs and panoramic view of villages. He went on to win State Merit Award for wood in-lay work in the year 2003 for his dedication and workmanship in the field of art.

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Owner / Designer / Creative Director

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The Process

S Ashok Kumar, his son, joined his father in the year 2000 and helped him, expand both in terms of customized designer furniture and added more depth into in-lay work. Ever since Ashok has participated in more than 50 exhibitions around India and has been instrumental in exporting exquisite in-lay worked artifacts to England, Scotland, Denmark, USA and Cyprus. Ashok has carried in-lay art work in various sizes ranging from 4” x 4” to 8’ x 12’.

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